Successful Polyamory Summit – Day 3!

For those who haven’t been watching so far, you’ve missed free video interviews with sex-positive experts Sumati Sparks (polyamory), Moushumi Ghouse (sexuality), Zach Budd (consent), and Andrew Mashiko (authenticity). Each is only available for 72 hours, so all are still available to watch once you join the summit – but Day 1 is about to drop off.

Today’s interviewees are Christopher N. Smith, discussing how race and intersectionality play into ENM, and Alison Ash, covering intimacy and sex within open relationships.

Click through to and learn what you can while you can!

Successful Open Relationships in Polyamory – free webinar!

For those who don’t know her, Sumati Sparks is a California-based open relationship coach,  sex-positive advocate, and cofounder of Feminine Prosperity.  Her most ambitious project to date is her Polyamory Summit, entitled Successful Open Relationships & Polyamory; she conducted video interviews with over a dozen poly leaders, advocates, authors and experts, and shares their knowledge with viewers for free!  This mini-vidcast series targets the best practices of thought leaders in the field, and anyone interested in polyamory should definitely tune in – and not just because one of us got interviewed.  🙂

Click here for Sumati Sparks’ Poly Summit – launching February 2019!

TONIGHT! Dr. Zhana Presents: Monogamy – is it for everyone?

(For those of you who can’t make it, the spoiler answer is: “No. But neither is nonmonogamy.”)

Curious? Confused? Check it out for yourself tonight if you’re in NYC, Feb 12, at 7pm:

Dr Zhana is one of the world’s foremost researchers on human sexuality, and a professor on the topic at NYU. She’s also currently running the world’s largest survey on female ejaculation a.k.a. squirting:  click on to participate!

Inclusion At Work – Thursday March 7!

Atlantic – Inclusion At Work

The Atlantic has become a leader in raising and discussing relevant workplace topics in a professional manner; Thursday morning March 7 from 9 AM to noon they are presenting a highly accomplished panel on inclusion within corporate America. Light refreshments are usually served.

If you are interested in attending *for free*, click the link above to register!

Event details, below.


In the last few years, many companies have vowed to diversify their workforces and their leadership. The goal: build businesses that look more like America.

And yet, the numbers tell us a familiar story: C-Suites are increasingly dominated by white men. How can companies foster real inclusion if they lack it at the top?

The Atlantic will gather leaders from across industries to explore why the push to diversify has yet to reap results. What new strategies have worked? And what kinds of fundamental change must happen for real, lasting inclusion?

Second Monday – community events

New York-based Open Love NY ( sponsors several polyamory events every month, the largest of which is Poly Cocktails (168.5 Delancey St rooftop) with upward of 100 attendees every second Monday.

There is a poly dim sum meetup beforehand at King’s Co Imperial, downstairs at the same address, from 6:45-8:15. Join veteran and newbie poly peeps for casual conversation over a prix-fixe meal ($21) in a beautiful setting before heading over to Poly Cocktails.