Another Yahoo Tries To Poly

If ENM conversations were footwear, the pointers here would be Uggs: they’re pretty basic.  Plus, I have an inherent problem with awful proofreading. (It’s bad enough to have random commas scattered throughout, but did we really need two #5s?)

The bullet points are a mixed bag of cliché, good-topics/bad presentation, and actually useful. I think the most important suggestions here are #s 1 (self-exploration) and 5b (having a support system – so underrated!), with honorable mention going to 2 (sharing your mindset with your partner). The expert MadLibs paragraph is so stilted and awkward as written that it should never be used as-is no matter WHAT you put in the blanks, and reinforces the false “silver bullet” approach that makes people think all their problems will be solved if they could just find the magic words to use.

There ARE no magic words.

Unless you’re reading our Poly Wanna Answer columns, that is. That stuff is gold.