Was Jesus a Polyamorous, Pansexual Slut?

He was, according to at least one Christian theologist.

The link is predictably short on evidence and long on clickbait, but the gist is the symbolism inherent in Jesus’ personal relationships with his disciples (including the famous, “eat my body/drink my blood” concept), as well as his personal relationships with millions of modern Christians worldwide, described as akin to multiple marriages.

There’s more, of course, along with the all-too-common conflating of polyamory with polygamy, but my biggest takeaway from this article is that I can’t stop wondering who Jesus would talk to during an orgasm. I mean, most people wouldn’t want to think of their dad while getting off, but – hey, to each their own.


Why Did Ancient Greek Sculptures Have Such Small Penises?

Ever wonder why Greek depictions of their male heroes included powerful bodies and beautiful faces, but tiny penises?

Their physical ideals were not so dissimilar to ours, but for their symbolism of the penis. A large or erect penis in ancient Greece was associated with evil, stupidity, and/or poor self-control. In modern society, by way of comparison, a large penis is associated with power, desirability, and even competence.

Wouldnt it make more sense to judge and value people not on their genetic traits, but rather how they live their lives?


Successful Polyamory Summit – Day 3!

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Today’s interviewees are Christopher N. Smith, discussing how race and intersectionality play into ENM, and Alison Ash, covering intimacy and sex within open relationships.

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Successful Open Relationships in Polyamory – free webinar!

For those who don’t know her, Sumati Sparks is a California-based open relationship coach,  sex-positive advocate, and cofounder of Feminine Prosperity.  Her most ambitious project to date is her Polyamory Summit, entitled Successful Open Relationships & Polyamory; she conducted video interviews with over a dozen poly leaders, advocates, authors and experts, and shares their knowledge with viewers for free!  This mini-vidcast series targets the best practices of thought leaders in the field, and anyone interested in polyamory should definitely tune in – and not just because one of us got interviewed.  🙂

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TONIGHT! Dr. Zhana Presents: Monogamy – is it for everyone?

(For those of you who can’t make it, the spoiler answer is: “No. But neither is nonmonogamy.”)

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Dr Zhana is one of the world’s foremost researchers on human sexuality, and a professor on the topic at NYU. She’s also currently running the world’s largest survey on female ejaculation a.k.a. squirting:  click on squirtingsurvey.com to participate!