Inclusion At Work – Thursday March 7!

Atlantic – Inclusion At Work

The Atlantic has become a leader in raising and discussing relevant workplace topics in a professional manner; Thursday morning March 7 from 9 AM to noon they are presenting a highly accomplished panel on inclusion within corporate America. Light refreshments are usually served.

If you are interested in attending *for free*, click the link above to register!

Event details, below.


In the last few years, many companies have vowed to diversify their workforces and their leadership. The goal: build businesses that look more like America.

And yet, the numbers tell us a familiar story: C-Suites are increasingly dominated by white men. How can companies foster real inclusion if they lack it at the top?

The Atlantic will gather leaders from across industries to explore why the push to diversify has yet to reap results. What new strategies have worked? And what kinds of fundamental change must happen for real, lasting inclusion?